Thursday, November 30, 2006

afternoon gossip

A painting I finished yesterday heading over to Serena Hall gallery on Monday with a whole load more. It's called 'afternoon gossip' as the seagulls look like they are having a right old chin wag!

I am really happy with this one, or as happy as I can be, but I think I prefer the close ups to the whole painting. I think because of this I might work on some really small ones tomorrow. Thinking about this the bottom picture is actually pretty big so proportionally it does work just not so well on here.

My sentence structure is pretty bad! Writing this blog is the first real writing I have really had to do since school which is about 14 years ago. So please excuse my bad use of grammar and punctuation. I am hoping to get better at this through having to relearn how to express myself through a new medium. I like to think that my paintings express some of what I am, simple, happy, fun, colourful perhaps.

Hmmmm?!? I am off now to spend the evening thinking about what mine and other peoples art might say about them. Would anyone like to share? x


East of Oregon said...

Oh my goodness this is such a lovely blog! I shall visit again!:)

Janet said...

Why thank you, please do! :)

cally said...

these remind me of living in Dundee, in a flat that look over the roof of the bus station where the seagulls hung out. it was really busy on a friday night as they were gorging on kebabs and chips and they'd get really rowdy in a drunken seagull kind of way. the niext day there would be a really different type of noise which I swear was the Mrs Seagull's telling off the Mr Seagulls for coming home in a state the night before!