Tuesday, October 23, 2007

On the move

I didn't mean to have a blogging break, Life just took over.

BIG NEWS here.

We are on the move to the seaside. Beautiful Beaumaris in Anglesey to be precise, where the houses are all different colours and the views are some of the best in the UK. Anglesey is an Island off the North Wales coast.

Bigger news!

I am opening a studio/gallery there in a converted chapel. My studio will be open to the public where my work and some others will be on sale in the other half of the space. I am pretty excited right now, frantically placing orders for everything from tissue paper and bags to shop counters. I am planning to open late November so watch this space to follow the progress. I apologise in advance if the posts are a bit erratic but bear with me I will do my best.

That is it for today I'm afraid, so much to do, so little time.

Three little links these made me smile.
Camillas kokeshi made me gasp
This is coming to live with me
Back soon x

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I love you Mr Ryan

I have to interrupt my blogging schedule to tell you about what the wonderful postman delivered this morning. I completely forgot I had ordered this book by the wonderful Mister Rob Ryan, which arrived this morning alongside the tile I bought from his etsy shop a couple of days ago. He is a genius and I just can't wait to sit down later and have a real good look through the book. I first saw his work when he did the Liberty windows a few christmases ago. I ove the bittersweetness of his images. The book is a gem, I particularly like the way the images have shadows, it makes you just want to touch each page. What a star! He has made my day.

See you tomorrow! xxx
Edit: Having read this book rather than flicking I realised it a magical story of love and loneliness and dreams. Everyone should own this book. I wonder if it is autobiographical. I simply love it!