Monday, November 27, 2006

just a quickie!

Five artists I love.... All their work can be found on the Velocity website. Velocity is an Art and design store in Seattle, US. However for all of us on this side of the pond as far as I can see Shipping is free with orders over $100. Go see wonderful affordable art!

Matte Stephens thrilled to see this talented guy has a blog. Added to my favourites immediately.

Fumi Watanabe wonderful website!

Lorena Siminovich I love her collages soooo much!

Amy Ruppel need I say more? I love Amy's work.

The kooky work of
Ashley Goldberg. Hers is a blog I read daily. I love her attitude and of course her work too! In fact I already own two of her pieces.

I shall be back tomorrow with some photos from my weekend and some news I am soooooo proud of! x

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Abigail said...

great links here..i will be coming back for sure to explore some more!! :)