Thursday, November 02, 2006

My love for Tord

"Visitors to winter wonderland step through an ornamental gate thickly entwined with flowers, vines and fantastic birds, into a fairytale world redolent with the innocence and delight of childhood"
How beautiful is this?!
I long to go to Austria to see this in the flesh! It is there for three years so you never know!
I am starting this post with a declaration of love for Tord Boontje. I first saw his work about 4 years ago when I saw a chandelier he made for Swarovski. Whilst working at Habitat he designed the Garland light for them. I have never known such a popular product the whole time I worked in retail, there were waiting lists for them for months. It surprised me but they seemed to come out at just the right time when decorative pieces and pattern really started to become popular with the masses.
I have a few pieces by him myself, the Until Dawn curtain in my bathroom...

...a garland light in my bedroom and a few plates he designed for authentics ( the blue and white one next to the coffee pot). Oh this is the dresser in my kitchen by the way.

...and he has just designed a range for Target which is really affordable

There is a great little article and interview about him here, and lastly I love love love this illustration by him.

Folk art rocks! Goodnight all!


Lesley said...

I've been admiring his work for ages but have a confession to make... how do you pronounce his name??!

Janet said...

When working in Habitat we were told to pronounce it Tore Boonchay!!! but who knows! :)

Lesley said...

Thanks for clearing that up for me. I have honestly been trying to find out for ages!! :-D