Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Deck the walls

The other show I delivered eight paintings for last week was Deck the Walls at Will's art warehouse. Deck the walls is their Christmas exhibition featuring nine painters and printmakers. The work is full of enchantment, charm and style. Everything in the show is under £500 so is a good opportunity to find something original from this eclectic collection.

Again here is some work by some of the other artists I am exhibiting with. These pieces aren't all in the show, some are but they are my favourites by them.

First up is Anna Hymas

Anna often paints one painting on top of another. What comes out in the end is a product of what was discarded before. The remains of the discarded painting give an extra dimension to her work, which is at the same time abstract and figurative.

Next, I like the quirkiness of Jennifer Taylors work.

“I am particularly interested in the texture and surface properties of fabric combined with paint. Uniting the themes of decorated textural backgrounds, the sharp outlines of pointed shoes and additional details of buttons and gold leaf seems to utilise the strands of my previous skills of making.”

And lastly Helen Fay. It is quite funny that myself and Helen are both showing at both these shows, the one at Sarah Wiseman and here at Wills.

"The composition, scale, skill and beauty of her work pushes them beyond any classification of etchings or natural history subjects. Monochromatic, moody, sometimes densely worked, they capture the magnificence of the natural world in a timeless yet contemporary way." I just love penguins!

The show runs until January 7th so if in the Putney area of London be sure to check it out!

Back to the easel I go for I am off to Devon on Friday with a selection of work for a new gallery I shall tell you all about tomorrow, goodnight all x

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