Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Just perfect!

Well it was a lovely weekend, good trip, good food , good wine, good company but unfortunately not good weather. It rained from the moment we left the house. Five hours later we arrived in Dartmouth, Devon. The first contact we had was with the ferry. Excuse my innocence but I got so excited when I realised we had to get a ferry over the water to Dartmouth. In my sight was a wonderful row of colourful houses. Perfect! The hotel was warm and welcoming. Oak beams, uneven floors, comfy beds, white linen and a Continental breakfast of cereal, freshly baked breads, and warm Danish pastries mmmmmmmmmm, perfect!

So, in the rain we headed to the gallery. Sarah, the owner was over the moon with the paintings, prints and cards I had done for her. She even managed to get two of them in the window before closing. Perfect!

So in the rain, we wandered around Dartmouth, there are some great little independant shops, galleries and restaurants. We decided to really push the boat out for dinner and went to the Michelin starred Restaurant of the year 2005/2006 The New Angel. It is owned by celebrity chef John Burton Race and guess what? he was actually in the kitchen serving up my dinner. It was an open kitchen so I spent a lot of the time watching him. I must admit the dishes he was serving up really were art on a plate. The food was delicious. The best course by far was dessert! I opted for the 'Chocolate plate' I only wish I had brought my camera because I thought I had died and gone to heaven. There were 5, yes 5 I tell you mini chocolate desserts. This was the perfect dessert for me as I am a "can I try a bit of yours" kind of girl, and only decide on what I am eating when I have found out what everyone else I am dining with is ordering. I find it scandalous for two people to order the same thing. Why is that I wonder??? SO with a very full belly and lovely fuzzy head from the wonderful bottle of red we wandered back to the hotel.

Saturday rained again and after doing some quick sketching (in the rain) and taking photos we set off for home. I came home to a whole host of goodies. Something from Camilla and a parcel from Karin. Unfortunately I cannot share the contents with you as they are Christmas gifts for two people who I know read my blog. But believe me I am reluctant to let them go as they make me very happy indeedy!

I also came home to really good news. I donated a piece of Artwork recently for the Art and Soul Contemporary Art auction at Bonhams. The proceeds from the auction went to the Demelza Hospice Care for Children. My work was being auctioned alongside some very famous artists including Antony Gormley and Mary Fedden so I felt very honoured.

I am really pleased to tell you that I donated £330 towards the overall total of £24,000 that was raised on the night. I feel very proud.

Perfect little weekend really.

So with a smile on my face I will say goodnight. :)

p.s Sorry about the words to pictures ratio today, it's just not good enough is it :) xox


Abigail said...

sounds like a good weekend...the dinner sounds amazing!! always wondered what jbr's food would be like....sounds goooood!!

congrats on the auction, fab!!

Janet said...

I could have described in detail each mouthful it was so good but didn't want to bore anyone. I always wondered whether famous chefs are as good as they look and whether they ever do any cooking themselves. They are and they do. x

julie said...

Lovely photos...isnt it where Balamory is filmed..the childrens programme?

Janet said...

Hi Julie, Balamory is filmed in a tiny village in Tobermoray in the Highlands of Scotland which has been a huge inspiration for me. It is so lovely every building a different colour, I am perhaps going again this New year beautiful but Brrrr cold! x

natalie said...

Oh Devon looks like a lovely place to visit - even just for the chocolate desserts :)

I watched JBR's program about his family in France and also the opening of the restaurant that you visited and I just loved watching.

The colours of your paintings look beautiful in the gallery window!

Anonymous said...