Wednesday, April 30, 2008

a corner of my studio

Works in progress.
For the past few months I have been working towards my two woman show at Baxters in Dartmouth. So I have been painting Devon and the more I paint it the more I love the place. I have two weeks left so I may be a little quiet as long hours are now required. The show starts on Friday 24th May and myself and Sasha Harding will both be there on the evening. I will hopefully post more details soon but if anyone has any enquiries please email me or contact the gallery directly. The gallery website will have images up there before the show. I am honoured to be showing alongside Sasha, she has been a favourite artist of mine for quite some time now. More soon.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

something to smile at this weekend

I have to respond to Camillas links with this one which made me laugh sooooo much last night. Yes, I watch Britains got talent, yes.......I need a life! Hope you are having a dryer weekend than us here in blighty!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

evening light

Rockpool 1
Rockpool 2

Dunes 1

Dunes 2

High tide 1

High tide 2

Golden sky 1

Golden sky 2

I've been doing these small paintings over the last few weeks in the evenings. They are all from my recent trip to Devon of some of the beaches we visited. Some new colours have emerged when the light is different in the studio and I am really pleased with the results. They are for sale in my gallery at the moment at £90 the pair. I had a bit of trouble displaying them on this page as a pair. They are 8x8 inches each. If anyone is interested please send me an email. Thanks for looking.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Last Wednesday was my birthday so I was surprised with a day and night over to Dublin. We live just half an hour from Holyhead port now so got the Seacat over in just two hours. We arrived, we froze on an open top bus trip, we warmed up with a guinness then had a wonderful birthday meal. We saw the book of Kells in trinity college and we wowed at the Long room there. We woke up in a lovely room, I opened some
surprise presents ,we shopped, we walked in the sun, we held hands, we ate fantastic vegetarian food, we smelled all the Jo Malone perfumes intensively, we drank more guinness, we got on the ferry home.....and the best bit on my birthday night......we watched Juno on the ferry and were the only two people in the whole cinema, our own private showing. We came home to pretty flowers and our lovely new house. I love birthdays!!!!

p.s Thank you so much to all the commenters and well wishes in our new house and blue kitchen. Jamjar, the clock comes from Laura Ashley a few years ago but is made by Newgate.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

feeling blue?

I'm back...for today, Easter came and went and a house move came and went since last time I was here. We moved to our very own house and we are incredibly happy. It is a wonderful feeling to settle knowing that in six months time we will not be packing up again. So this is move number 24 in my 31(nearly 32) years and the last for a very very long time. We got the keys two weeks ago. I spent a week of evenings last week painting the kitchen, it was lovely teal colour and one reason i fell in love with our new house but ever since seeing this 2 years ago , I have dreamt of a blue kitchen. The next few months I think will be house related as this blog is a great personal diary and way of documenting our progress.
My favourite things in the kitchen are the orange and yellow plastic containers on the top shelf in the last photo. They belonged to my Grandma (Dads Mum not mormor) and last weekend she gave them to me after one too many hints. They are Danish and she bought them in 1975 when my Mum and Dad lived in Denmark and they went to visit. She has used them every day since 1975. Thats 33 years!! It makes me wonder how many things we have now that we will still be using daily in 33 years time and how much of a throw away society we are. Time to think about that.
Goodnight x

p.s thank you for the lovely comments recently, I am sorry for not taking the time to reply individually, i appreciate you stopping by and hope to catch up soon.