Tuesday, April 24, 2007

painting jugs

I have given myself an excuse to be buying on ebay. I need beautiful jugs to paint. the rule is close to becoming one in one out. I have a stash of vases that I am prepared to let go if need be.
So, I am very nearly ready for my Solo show. Just two paintings left. I will have 24 in total featuring these new ones and my bright coloured harbour ones. I think my invitations will arrive here tomorrow, should anyone like an invite to the private view on saturday 5th May 11-5, please email me.

Very excited to see Matte Stephens and Ashley Goldberg limited edition prints over at Velocity, I have indulged, a gift for a friend....and a gift for me! see you soonxxxxxx

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

another year older

Here is another painting in my new collection ready for my solo show. I've got 16 finished so far but still a few to go, and some pieces on paper to frame and time is ticking quite rapidly now. But I took the weekend off!!!!
Had the most wonderful time. I was whisked away on Sunday night to a beautiful hotel on Llandudno seafront called Osborne House. The bed was so high it had ladders up to it. We had afternoon tea sitting in the window people watching and listening to Punch and Judy. The sun came out yesterday late morning and after a four mile stroll around the Great Orme we had ice cream on the pier and played Bingo. Pretty much the perfect day for me. And now back to my brandspankingneweasel! that's easel not weasel!!!
Thank you so much for the kind birthday wishes through comments and emails xxxx

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I forgot to say, the frame is from Popang. dreamy!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

the quiet before the storm

I'm quiet because I am busy busy busy. I knew this was going to be a busy time, galleries get busy at Easter but not quite like this. Every night is a late one but I have taken to going swimming 8.30 ish to wind down for the day and have a quiet time to think then spend the rest of the evening planning the following day. I have Sarah coming in the morning from
Sarah Wiseman gallery to chat about the finer details of my show and talk about the placement of the works. My new pieces are developing nicely. I will post a few more images on Friday. I had an early birthday present in the form of this frame. I fell in love with this company at Christmas when I found the stall at Spitalfields, but you can also find them at Liberty.

I am excited about a night away on Sunday which I think a certain someone has planned for me as a birthday treat. Really looking forward to a day enjoying this glorious weather we are having here and away from the studio.

A couple of other fab things from Thorsten Van Elten
These vases

and this oversized teacup plantpot

also enjoying the colour week Julie of Handmaid has organised. I shall join in next time for sure.

Be back soon x

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

New direction

Gosh, where is the year going. I am trying new things. Working hard for my solo show at Sarah Wiseman gallery that starts 5th May. More info soon.

Can I just say how much the spring flowers are bringing joy to my life this year. For some reason I am noticing blossom, buds, bursts of colour so much more this year and filling my home with them. Simple pleasures.
I have to mention the book by Kat Heyes, Happy Campers. Everyone should own this book, if simply for the recipes. A fun and also informative book about the joys of camping. Roll on the summer so we can get those tents out and do a bit of cloud watching, star gazing and mmmm bbq's. Bye for now xx