Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Our TV just blew up which means Sean gets his way finally and we get one of those fancy flat things, hmmpphhh!!! Does anyone else just not get boys fascination with technology. I would happily go and get an old secondhand thing. I really dislike spending money on this kind of thing. Anyway, this leads onto the fact that we will need to reorganise the lounge so Crazy I know as it is 9.20pm but we are off to IKEA to look for TV storage. Once upon a time I would be so excited at this prospect but I feel I am outgrowing IKEA now. There are so many great things about it, the meatballs,lighting, fabric, and dime bar cake, but the queues and general amount of people is really tiresome. I think I could talk for hours on this subject having worked in the homewares sector of retail for many years in the past but alas, the dark rainy night is calling.
Bye for now, hopefully we will be out of there by midnight!!!
Tomorrow I shall share some new paintings that are off for exhibitions on Thursday. x


VictoriaE said...

What a pretty blog you have. Love your art, and will continue to visit!

Janet said...

Thanks for the kind words! x

julie said...

Oh our tv is so tempramental...did you make it back from Ikea?
I feel the same way about ikea...im a little tired of seeing so much ikea in peoples homes..but its so hard to leave the shop without something!!