Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Favourite number one

This was linked by Camilla whilst talking about kayaking tonight. It prompted me to show you the work of my very favourite artist, Charlotte Evans. I realise that I say that about a lot of people but in terms of landscape painters she really is my favourite. I exhibited with Charlotte earlier on in the year at the Affordable Art fair where we were both represented by Wills Art warehouse. She is a young painter just 3 years out of Art school but has the most incredible sense of colour I think I have ever seen. A true gift. It was so hard to choose but here are some of my favourites.

This is what she says, wonderful! "How can a painter not be fascinated by colour, it is the stuff of sight.Painting is not a means to produce an image, but a process that should enrich the painter as much as it should an audience.I have little desire to produce a picture of a place but rather to make a place in the picture. To take people somewhere they have never been before, but which strikes up desires and recollections of their own."

......and before I go I have been fascinated by Shari's interviews over at The glass doorknob. A fabulous insight into other artists and craftmakers daily lives. Go read and be inspired!!!
Tomorrow I shall show you a few new pieces I am working on for a gallery in Cornwall, if the light is good that is. I am having the same problems with lighting as Abigail.


julie said...

Her work is STUNNING!! Beautiful...i especially love the trre paintings!!

Janet said...

me too, aren't her colours just amazing? from lush greens and blues to oh so subtle hues. I could spend hours browsing her site. I am absolutely saving for one of my own one day. x

Shari said...

hi janet,
gosh, i love her work too! so glad to hear you are enjoying the interviews! xo shari

natalie said...

thanks for introducing me to a new artist! Lovely