Monday, August 20, 2012

Amy Swann cakes

Not only am I inspired by flowers at the moment,  but so is my amazing friend Amy Swann
I have wanted to blog about her for ages but it is now a great time as things are about to get very busy and exciting for her. 

She has just come runner up in the Country homes and interiors awards for Country business award 2012.....and boy am I proud of her.

 She made our wedding cake for us 5 years ago and been making wedding and special cakes for several years now.  She is an Art teacher, a Mum and an inspiration. I feel I can't just describe her as a cake maker, she is an artist...her cakes are works of art they are truly something else. She does actually paint parts of the flower.  She is just working on another signature cake right now, a 5 tier flower extravaganza. I will show photos when I get them. She is inspired by wild, country flowers, vintage style, colour, texture, go and take a look at her website, it is a work of art in itself.

So here are some images of her work, I have to point out though some of the flowers look unbelievably real, I can assure you they are made from sugar paste.

How lovely to see a working sketch. 
 is a fantastic idea, that the bride and groom can keep. The cake gets eaten but you have a beautiful sketch of your precious cake.

 So delicate 


 Beautiful ranunculus, love these colours
 My wedding cake

She is also on Facebook, so if you like what you see, go and support her and like her page too.
She is an unbelievably nice person too, she would make this part of your wedding so special, so if you, or anyone you know are getting married and want an experience and cake to remember, she's your girl.

All photos are from her website x

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

peony burst

I'm is crazy busy and I am neglecting you.  I Am just so exhausted at the end of the day I just want to slob on the sofa and switch off. When I came back to this space I swore I would not feel guilty about it....but I do. I'm sorry if you are bored of my flowers, but that is what is rocking my world right now.  What is not however, is the builders and conservatory company who haven't got a clue what customer service is, or a phone for that matter. Whose flipping idea was it to get a conservatory built in the middle of our busiest time of year in the gallery. Sorry to my Facebook followers who at the moment are only seeing the same photos. It will get more exciting soon I promise. Keep reading, I love to know you're there. Thanks for all the lovely comments.  I'm sorry I don't get the time to reply to each one, but I read, and smile.  Ok, enough of the Sorry's now, goodnight xxx