Friday, January 25, 2008

A wintry train journey

Some white links for the end of Winter white week,
Wendy Jung ceramics
and some flickr faves here, this and this
Hope you all have a good weekend, I will be painting all weekend, I have to finish my Liverpool paintings x
p.s Thank you for the camera advice, I'll have a play around.


shari said...

the wintry train journey looks so fun! thanks for posting this week janet. hope you have a good weekend. xoxx

mansuetude said...

...ah ...these are very dreamy, though you were moving fast, there is such a stillness, like pre-immortal time beginning to rev up the engines toward motion. I love the tones!

Thanks for your visit.

dandelion said...

wow, im loving these - i can really feel like im on the train!...x

Mary Jane said...

I love your blog! refreshing and lovely. love these train pictures.

julie said...

This set is gorgeous Janet!! I love the blurriness and colours. xx

Anonymous said...