Monday, January 14, 2008


Each day this week I will show you a shelf of my books and link to the ones i think you might be interested in. I have linked them either to Magma or Amazon.

A childrens garden of verses, illustrated by Brian Wildsmith
Gallery Catalogue of Rachael Howard
Flea market style Emily Calmers
Speed to the West (I love this book of vintage travel posters)
Gate of Eden Ethan Coen
Under Milk Wood (Classic Dylan Thomas and one of the only things I remember from English/drama class)
Slash with a knife Yoshitomo Nara
This is for you Rob Ryan(everyone should own this beautiful book) I just found this interview with him on the Magma site.
The Principles of Uncertainty Maria Kalman
Sometimes I think, sometimes I am Sara Fanelli (her latest book)
This is London M Sasek (I would love them all in this series)
Pictures and Words Roanne Bell and Mark Sinclair, (diverse collection of illustrators)

Tomorrow Green x


kelly said...

such a lovely idea for a week of posts janet. your bookshelf must look gorgeous all colour co-ordinated : )

just peeked inside the sara fanelli book at!! xx

wendy said...

so pretty plus I love that hans solo is on your shelf!!

Snippety Gibbet said...

That's so funny to me. Someone looked at my color coordinated book shelves one time and said, "Only an artist....."