Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm loving all the White around for Shari's Winter white week.
I like the work of Helen Musselwhite a lot. She also has an etsy shop.
I like to decorate with White, then add colour.
On my wish list is a new camera. Or maybe I should read the instructions of the one I've got to find out why every photo I take is blurry. Any ideas or recommendations? x


Leslie said...

Nice whites! Good luck with your camera. Maybe your focus is not on automatic?

j said...

is the focus problem with photos containing areas of white? because the camera can focus on something other than what you perceive to be the focal point. that is a problem with auto focus on many cameras.

check your photo- what is in focus?

a link:

scroll down to Tip: How can half pressing the shutter release help?

hope that's it.

syko kajsa said...

White and colour is the thing! Can't help you with the camera, I think I'll never become a great photographer, too technical for me.