Monday, January 07, 2008

Home!! (Sigh)

We are back from our trip to Scandinavia. I prayed for snow and boy did we get it. I fell in love with Stockholm but I do not think I have ever been as cold in my life. Thermals were bought and extra socks worn. We ventured out just one evening after we got back to our hotel because of the cold. We walked for hours during the day and it took so long to thaw out so we played cards and yahtzee on the bed instead. I liked playing with the lights as you can see.
I have never been anywhere more friendly as Sweden....or expensive.
More photos tomorrow as I sort them out.
Happy New year to you all, I feel this is going to be an exciting one.

Things I am excited about today:
3191 evenings.....and THE BOOK later on the year, whoopee!
Camilla is guest blogger over at Design sponge (my two favourite blogs in one).
Karin updating her etsy shop with her pebbles and more.
Finally finding the music of Simone White after seeing the Audi adverts.
It looks like Tim Burton has done it again with Sweeney Todd.
My Christmas present from hubby coming back from the framers!!!!

I have been doing some drawing and collage recently. I really feel I need to do something for me in these cold dark evenings. I love painting each day but I don't seem to have time to experiment as much as I would like to, so this Winter I will be opening my own etsy shop for tiny originals and prints....coming soon.


kelly said...

happy new year janet! sounds like yours has got off to an great start...i hope 2008 brings you a wonderful adventure : )

your hotel looked amazing (just had a peek at the link) being cold would be a sacrifice worth making. love your colourplay in the photos!

wow...your list has got me excited too. thanks for the introduction to simone white...such a sweet voice. your christmas pressie is amazing. they're going to look fantastic framed side by side + so romantic!

the icing on the cake is your etsy shop talk! can't wait to see what you do + jog along with my shopping basket! xxx

syko kajsa said...

Happy new year Janet! I love Stockholm too and I agree that it always includes a lot of walking!

Can't wait to see what you are up to! I'm sewing on paper..