Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It's that time of year again

Ahhhh, lovely thoughts of a holiday that seems so long ago amidst the mountain of paperwork I put off throughout December and the dreaded...................Tax return!!!!

I found Bengt&Lotta in Stockholm

To all the self employed people out there, I am feeling the pain too. I am halfway there and my tips to you are light some candles, spread out on a large table and put some nice music on, then pour yourself a very large glass of wine, then another until you can't focus and have to start again tomorrow ;)

My very nice music today comes courtesy of Camera Obscura, I just rediscovered their 2006 album 'Lets get out of this country'.

It makes me very happy indeed!

Back tomorrow x


kelly said...

good luck is all i can say! sweeten that pain with lots of treats : )

love the green + blue buildings today

wendy said...

I love those photos!
good luck with the taxes.