Thursday, May 03, 2007

Harbour kiss

This has been one of the most challenging 6 weeks of my career so far, but 27 paintings later and I am ready to go tomorrow. I am really pleased with the body of work I have produced and i am looking forward to hearing the reactions to my newer work.We are travelling to Oxford in the morning to deliver the work, then I am looking forward to exploring the city for the afternoon and evening. I have never been to the city centre before and am very excited to discover the beautiful old architecture of the Universities it is so famous for.

Then Saturday is the opening of the show, I will be there from 11-5 and really looking forward to it but also very nervous, talking about your work can be challenging but I always seem to learn from myself when I speak, talking about my work helps me to understand where it came from if that makes sense.

I had all the work photographed today so I may be printing a few, and perhaps opening an etsy shop.

I will be back for sure a lot more regularly next week. Hope you all have a great Bank holiday weekend. Off I go to face the dilemma of What do I wear?!? Something colourful......or black?!?xxx


julie said...

so wish i could be there to support you!!! You are going to be great - so exciting!!!

And yes, do open an etsy shop!!
Enjoy it all dear Janet and look forward to you returning to this space xxx

Lesley said...

I wish I could be there too. You will have a fantastic day for sure!

Oxford is a lovely city to wander around. All those dreaming spires.

I know I've said it before but good luck and I vote for something colourful. ♥

juliankimmings said...

I love your paintings - I wish we had more walls in our house and I could buy some more!!!

Janet said...

Ah thank you girls, I really wish you were both here too for support!!!
Hey Hi Julian, nice to hear from you, Well done to Jenny, hope to see you at open studios this September, thanks for the mention on your blog x