Tuesday, April 24, 2007

painting jugs

I have given myself an excuse to be buying on ebay. I need beautiful jugs to paint. the rule is close to becoming one in one out. I have a stash of vases that I am prepared to let go if need be.
So, I am very nearly ready for my Solo show. Just two paintings left. I will have 24 in total featuring these new ones and my bright coloured harbour ones. I think my invitations will arrive here tomorrow, should anyone like an invite to the private view on saturday 5th May 11-5, please email me.

Very excited to see Matte Stephens and Ashley Goldberg limited edition prints over at Velocity, I have indulged, a gift for a friend....and a gift for me! see you soonxxxxxx


julie said...

beautiful beautiful paintings dear Janet!!! So happy and i love the details - the rocks!!!! xxx

p.s. i would love an invite!!

lisa s said...

i LOVE when i can think of an excuse to buy stuff on ebay! needing vessels is perfect.

exciting about the show!!!

Lesley said...

Oh Janet, you are killing me with these new paintings! They are so fantastic!

I can relate to you buying vases... I have been buying tea cups for the same reason recently. It's so exciting when you find a good one.

Good luck with your show. xx

yumptatious said...

Fabulous paintings as ever (I frequently spend my lunchtime coveting your paintings in the Bluemoon Gallery in Tunbridge Wells!)
I love these ones: its great to see inside the harbour houses that you so frequently paint.
just wonderful!
ditto lisa s's comment, though I tend to make my excuses once I've bought from there!

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