Tuesday, May 15, 2007

These three are currently residing in Sarah Wiseman gallery. They make a great triptych I think. Today turned into a crazy paperwork day, delivery notes, signings, cheques written and the best....cheques cashed and just a little bit of painting.
I am taking this evening off for Wedding talk with my friend as it is really creeping up now. First proper dress fitting tomorrow morning woohooo, exciting.
I just realised I never did show you our invitation we created...... Hahaha, if I get the scanner to work tomorrow you are in for a laugh! I am also going to discuss flowers tomorrow with the florist. This is the really exciting bit. Marguerites and Cornflowers with wheat and rosemary as fillers are the main flowers. But who knows of a great red flower to go with these? Sadly anemones aren't around in July. Let me know any thoughts xx
Happy Tuesday folks!


Lesley said...

Oh your paintings are beautiful. You've got such an amazing sense of colour. How exciting about your wedding! Is it this July? I'd love to see your invitations. I'm going shopping for wedding dresses in a couple of weeks. I'm terrified! I have bought some big knickers especially! :-)

julie said...

such loveliness over here..very calm in these paintings.

Id love to see your invitation!!!

amandajean said...

your work is beautiful!