Sunday, May 06, 2007

Nature takes over

I was so taken with Oxford, what a beautiful city, steeped with History. We just had a few hours there so I shouldn't admit it but we did go on an one of those tourist open top buses headphones and all. I am so glad we did because we learnt so much about the city. Sean was dying with embarassment though. I love this last photo, Nature has taken over.
Several red dots made the show a real pleasure, despite the nerves. My voice actually went towards the end of the day and today surprise surprise I feel exhausted so I took the day off. The show runs until 3rd June. No rest for the wicked though so straight back to the easel tomorrow to start work on my 'B is for' exhibition for Baxters in Dartmouth.
Hope everyone is having a great Bank holiday weekend.


Abigail said...

Hi glad the show opening went well - I knew it would, the new work is just lovely!

Oxford looks you went on the open top bus, I always get a bit embarassed too..but they are so fun I always forget myself!


julie said...

So glad it all went well - youre a star!!
And your trip around Oxford sounds lovely..can you sit downstairs on these open top buses??!
Take care sweet xxx

Lesley said...

Yay!! Hurray for red dots! I bet they all sell by June.

I have always been tempted by the open top bus that goes round Chester but can you imagine the stick you'd get if one of your friends saw you. :-D I always think it's fun to pretend you're a tourist in your own town.