Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hello Summer

Oh dear dear, my laptop is broken, I only bought it in January so the nice men are coming to take it away tomorrow for up to 14 days!!!! This is not good at all. We do have a spare computer but it is old and temperamental. It will probably do me a lot of good to have a cleansing but the thought of only checking emails once a day horrifies me. I have probably become a bit to reliant on having my laptop practically next to me while I paint so I am trying to see this as a positive thing.
Sadly and coincidentally it coincides with the start of a brand new series of Big Brother. Now don't get me wrong I do not normally watch rubbish TV at all, in fact I don't watch hardly any, we prefer scrabble and cards but Big brother just seems to hook me! I missed numerous beautiful sunsets at the bottom of our garden last summer much to Seans dismay because of the dreaded programme and I am promising not to get sucked in this year. So tonight as the housemates go in I am going to go for a Sauna and swim and hopefully if I don't watch the first I will not get hooked. So I am saying hello Summer, I hope to see you this year!

So instead of checking blogs every evening or generally surfing and internet shopping I will have to do other things. Like make 200 metres of bunting for our marquee. I am slowly building a lovely collection of gingham spotty and floral fabrics and have begun to start cutting but boy is this going to be a job and a half! Any quick tips would be grateful, but buying is not an option, far far too expensive when you work out how much I need.

I wanted to show you my lovely house quilts which arrived from the lovely Kajsa at Syko but I haven't yet worked out how to get photos downloaded. So instead the image above is from Lee Page Hanson that was saved on this old computer. He is fairly local to me and has a studio in Manchester craft centre, which is always a nice day out. I own one of his pieces which a lovely couple gave me for my birthday last year, take a look at some of the other designers in the craft centre.
I must go now to finish some pieces of Padstow for Whistlefish galleries to publish as prints.

I will be back soon, I promise, and are oh so welcome! xx


julie said...

heehee to big brother..i bet you enjoyd the sauna and swim more!!!

and thank you again xxxxxxxxx

Lesley said...

We made a pact not to watch big brother this year but so far have seen both episodes! Not good! I try really hard not to get sucked in and it really is a load of old codswallop but for some reason highly addictive.

200m of bunting is a lot of bunting! You must let us know how long it takes you. I'm sure it will be worth it in the end!

Hilda May said...

Just stumbled across your blog and i love it......i'm sure ive seen your stuff down here in cornwall....i will be looking closer from now on!
rachel x

Lesley said...

Hi Janet, I'm not going to be around for a while so I just wanted to say have a fantastic day on the 7th. I hope you got your bunting finished! :-)

kelly said...

how's the bunting coming along? i thought of you at the weekend...i was making some myself for my grandparents...only about 6 metres + i just thought poor janet! it took me bloomin' ages!

hope everything is going to plan. sunny weather WILL be back in england come july don't you worry! please come back + report all about your big day...i love hearing about weddings! x