Monday, July 23, 2012

The Twits

This was our Saturday....... We are one of six businesses in our town that organise events in Beaumaris castle in which all profits go to charity. This Saturday we organised for Illyria theatre company to come and perform Roald Dahls, The Twits. Could we have asked for a more perfect day of weather? We sold out on the day, no surprise, and had to sell extras as there were literally children crying when I told them we had sold out!!!! So more than 600 people sat down and laughed their socks off for 2 hours. 

I am more so unbelievably proud to say that we have raised over £2000 for Sands, maybe even more but figures are still coming in. This is a charity WE chose as it is very close to mine and Sean's hearts, after we lost our little girl Poppy in 2009.

The day was brilliant, really brilliant. A lot of hard work but so satisfying to see the smiles on everyones faces as they were leaving. One little girl came up to me at the end thanking me and told me it was the best night of her life! 
So if you fancy a great day or night out this Summer, check out Illyrias schedule, you won't be disappointed.


Tangled Sweetpea said...

What a fabulous day! The Twits is one of my favourite Roald Dahls.
Victoria xx

Ali said...

That looks like such fun! No wonder the children (and grown-ups) had such a good time. Well done you for getting this together!

Amanda said...

Hi Janet...after reading how good a time you had watching The Twits I booked tickets to see them at Rufford Old Hall this evening...well we had a brilliant time..all thanks to you!!!
My two little girls are on a giddy high now and we will definitely go again next year. I found your blog through Lucy Attic24, sooo glad I've found you, I love your art work...will be putting your blog on my favourites list:-D xxx