Friday, July 20, 2012

Music in my life

We need some colour in our lives and cheeks. Instead we added music.
 What a busy old week....and long. Raffy isn't quite himself, another blasted tooth causing him and us sleepless nights.  The gallery has been REALLY busy, some schools finished so they are all starting to arrive for holidays.  We weren't quite prepared so have been cleared out of so many things so amidst the madness I had to do a mad stock collection this morning of framed prints of mine.  Doctors this afternoon, seven deliveries in the gallery and more unpacking of deliveries. Gorgeous new products, I'm excited to show you next week. 

I've been listening to wonderful Beth Orton.  She reminds me of my favourite job (bar this one) working in a coffee bar in the Northern quarter in Manchester. That was a good Summer. It's been a long time but she is releasing a new album in time for us to to see her in December.
And another I have been humming all day..... the beautiful Feist.

Happy weekend all. xxx

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