Saturday, July 07, 2012

I have been a busy bee recently.Three paintings finished and another to show you on Monday.  They are all sold, one heading off to Australia and one to Abu Dhabi....and the third to my biggest collectors in the UK.
Hooray for the sun, myself and the little one enjoyed fish and chips sitting on the beach at lunchtime. It feels like so long since we have had our toes in the sand. So even if it last just a day, well its been a joy. Now I have swapped in the gallery with Daddy who has gone to the park for a kick about of the football. Leave that to the boys, big and small. And tonight we are getting all glammed up for our anniversary dinner at 
The Loft at The Bull, in Beaumaris. Our real treat place, birthdays and anniversaries only, to keep it special.

Hope you have had a bit of sunshine on your faces today. See you on Monday x


Half Acre said...

I Love your paintings, and so happy that you enjoyed a bit of sunshine today!
I was just sharing with my husband where you live and he reminded me that we visited Beaumaris when we were first married, we were tent camping, and he was shocked to find out that Anglesey was dry on a Sunday. We had to drive back to the mainland just for him to be able to have a drink. LOL!
Thanks for the funny memory.
Happy Anniversary and enjoy your special dinner tonight.
Blessings, Sue

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Yes lucky to see some sun after a very rainy start!
Amazing paintings. :)
Enjoy your evening,
Vivienne x

Grayseasailor said...

Happy Anniversary, Janet!

Your paintings continue to make me smile. [I have my cards all propped up on a shelf so that I can enjoy each scene, and want to frame them all instead of being generous and share them...I will work on that]
Gracie <3

Janet said...

Hi sue, I can absolutely guarantee you that things have changed on Anglesey, funny story. Thanks all for the kind comments, dinner was superb, I wish I had brought. My camera along. So glad you are enjoying your cards Gracie. X

Janet said...

Hi sue, I can absolutely guarantee you that things have changed on Anglesey, funny story. Thanks all for the kind comments, dinner was superb, I wish I had brought. My camera along. So glad you are enjoying your cards Gracie. X

Kaylovesvintage said...

love the colors , your work is wonderful

Little Brown Rabbit said...

we had a glimmer of sunshine so I was straight outside with Evie!

Sounds like you had such a fab day.

Lovely paintings too :)

JP said...

love thse paintings - remind me of what summer is like - hope to see you in the autumn when we have an Anglesey break at Church Bay I hope - love the wedding photos especially thet one of you laughing

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