Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I love peeling paint....sadly our local boat sheds have been torn down and I wasn't quick enough to salvage any of the wood. I love the patterns in the top photo. 
There have been glimpses of sun in the last couple of days but our favourite pastime is still hunt the puddle and splash splash splash. We even got a local shopkeeper joining us yesterday, so out of character but he just couldn't resist, think it made him feel 5 again.
Even when the sun is out Raffy insists on wearing his wells, I literally cannot put anything else on him.
Work is starting on our extension on Monday so I shall keep you updated on the carnage. We are ripping up 50 sq ft of quarry tiles to be replaced by beautiful white wooden floors.
I am off to finish a commission of St Ives, I haven't painted Cornwall for a while so its a real treat. Dreaming of a holiday.....

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Little Brown Rabbit said...

white wooden floors sounds lovely :)

if you do get Finding Nemo you may want to skip the first scene (a bit scary for me to let Evie watch) believe it or not her favourite character is the scary shark called Bruce lol!

We always stay in Juan Le Pins as my parents have a small flat there and its only a five minute walk to the beach. The town next door called Antibes is really lovely too.