Tuesday, December 19, 2006

All wrapped up!

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything at the moment. I had the greatest time in London with my Mum. We arrived, we dumped our bags, we headed to Liberty. Amazing, lights, wood, fabrics, smells my senses were working overtime. Several purchases later and one wedding outfit found, we surged on. We drank hot chocolate sitting outside, we ate Sushi, we went to the show at the Palladium, we found a charity shop open on the way home at 10.30 at night, we had a wee tipple outside a pub, we had very sore feet!!!!! Sore feet begged for comfier shoes on Saturday so a quick trip to a shoe shop was in order, a new spring in my step and off to Harrods food hall we went, we bought, we smelt, we walked for many many miles, we bought said wedding outfit, we went to a Scandinavian restaurant, we shared Smorgasbord and beer! We walked home. Portabello Road On Sunday, we bought lots in Graham and Green, we went to Spitalfields, we bought more gifts, we raced for the train, we played cards, we slept, I had a fabulous time Mum, hope you enjoyed your Christmas present weekend. Lots of love xxx

I have suddenly realised I am not at all ready for Christmas, or I am ready but I have so much more I want to do. I had an urge to bake today and have started some biscuits for friends. We are doing the rounds on Saturday, so we go bearing biscuits. For those who know me, know that the baking girl is the one I want to be butnever have the time to do more than cook dinner at night. I also have a gingerbread house to make before Friday for one little boy. I cheated and have bought the basic structure fro Ikea food shop but am planning to fill it with sweets and goodies and decorate the outside. This inspired me. I started wrapping presents this afternoon, I am good at makinga mess. I was wallowing in paper, ribbon, buttons and lovely stuff. But look at that floor!!! There was a little circle in the middle of it all for me!
I found this great paper in Hobbycraft. I thought I could make great cards with it and each persons initial as their gift tag. Also the paper you can just see under it is old wooden tape measures.

First few wrapped, many many more to go!

The soldier above is my favourite thing I own and I have two. My Mum gave it to me just last year but it has been with us for as long as I have been alive.

Sorry for the lack of photos of London, would you believe I forgot my camera. I also forgot it last night for the 80's night which I will have to tell you about tomorrow as there is lots to do still tonight. We were well and truly spoilt by our good friends. Thank you.
I hope people are enjoying this busy time for us all. It is hard to step back and appreciate the wonderful time that it is, but today whilst wrapping presents I have thought about that person for the 5 or more minutes it took. I smiled a lot!
See you tomorrow xx

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