Monday, May 21, 2012

A good mum day

Today I have been a good, a great mum....Do you have days like that when you just have no distractions and can do everything you dreamed you could do every day with them. Most days I just muddle through, wing it, have some giggles along the way but also have so much to achieve in the day that I can't always give little R my whole attention and by the time his bedtime comes it's all passed in a whirlwind of happy chaos.
But today was all about us, me and him and flipping heck did we enjoy it.
We did start it a little bit adulty and went down to our local deli/coffee shop and started with a large double shot cappuccino in the SUN.....soon my Mum appeared and a couple of friends, that is what I LOVE about living here. As much as I would have loved to have stayed right there for a few hours in the sun there, nope it was our day and I was excited about that too, off to the Foel farm we went.
I decided it would be fun to take Betty Flo, our camper van, it always feels like such an adventure in her, so I put his car seat in the front so he was high up and off we went, yay. He loved being high up and therefore missed his normal car nap.

We arrived and bought a big bag of feed and off we went to the first shed, we were greeted by pigs and 8 piglets.  My little boy was squealing with delight along with them, he was a bit unsure of the cheeky goats, but he held onto the bottle as we fed a 2 week old lamb. I wish I had brought the video camera along as he was chatting to the animals like he was dr dolittle. He still doesn't really have any words other than mum, daddy and Buddha?!?!?!?!? But the gobbledygook he was chattering with these animals was brilliant.

We then had a picnic surrounded by chickens and after lunch we were offered a tractor ride to the top fields to see donkeys and shire horses. Raffy mooed at the cows with earnest but was a bit too shy to feed the horses but what fun.   We then bounced for a good hour on the bouncy cushion/castle, followed by another hour in the giant sandpit. I think I enjoyed it as much as he did, if not more. The sun shined and we giggled and smiled at each other. After another quick feed of the goats and a peek in the bunny barn we were both tired and ready for home. As soon as we got home he ran outside to play in our sandpit while I could make a good dinner for us with the doors flung open to our garden to be able to keep an eye on him.
Any easy bedtime followed and with a glass of wine in my hand I can reflect on a perfect day with my beautiful boy....happy summer days.
This is why I love blogging, I can record these special days for me, if anyone else wants to read then great but one day Raffy can read this and know that sometimes I can be a GREAT mum.
It's also made me realise How quickly time is flying, I have been working too hard recently in the gallery and he is growing quickly, before I know it he will be off to school so I'm keeping this precious little boy close. Work can wait.....these early years don't.
what has everyone else done this sunny day?
Thanks for popping by xx

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Jane said...

Hi Janet... Ive been musing too on the whole idea of writing and blogging... Then someone sent this to me today...

'Writing is a tool with which we learn to see ourselves more clearly, a catalyst by which we can learn to see thankfully beyond ourselves.'

It's so worthwhile... Not only for your little boy to read one day. Glad you had a lovely day!

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

Oh enjoy these days, hours and minutes with your little one, don't let the time pass you by... Oh how it flies by...

What a lovely Mummy day.

Zoe Grant said...

What a happy day.

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