Monday, March 17, 2008

just saying hello

I wasn't swept away in thr storms, just so busy, painting every hour of every day at the moment. We are also due to complete on our new house this week so starting to pack also. Getting very excited by the Karin and Camilla collaboration. So many exciting things going on around. I happened to spend an hour catching up on a long list of blogs last night.
Back soon I promise x


Kerry Mosley said...

love the new cheery!

julie said...

Lovely vibes here Janet. Good luck on the house - how exciting!!!

I think its the feeling of Spring in the air!! xxx

Artopia said...

Ilove your pictures so much and f l had the money would buy them all, love the colours everyone is perfect together andthe subjects are fantastic. I paint wih fabroic and l am going to save or sell a picture so l ca buy one of your pictures.
A m going to put a link on my blog.

chq said...

What absolutely beautiful work...I'm so glad I found your blog! Thank you.


Ulla V. said...

Wauw....I just found your blog through Syko, and what a good thing that I did!!!

Your art is so absolutely amazing -the expressions and colours just go straight to my heart :0)

I definitely need to come back for another look...

Ulla V. said...

(Oh, Just a little addition!)

....and I just read that you spent some of your childhood in Denmark....right where I live ;0)

Med venlig hilsen

mansuetude said...

painting can be like being blown away by a storm, too, can't it?? a colorful expressive storm--one you make so tranquil and beautiful. :)