Tuesday, April 08, 2008

feeling blue?

I'm back...for today, Easter came and went and a house move came and went since last time I was here. We moved to our very own house and we are incredibly happy. It is a wonderful feeling to settle knowing that in six months time we will not be packing up again. So this is move number 24 in my 31(nearly 32) years and the last for a very very long time. We got the keys two weeks ago. I spent a week of evenings last week painting the kitchen, it was lovely teal colour and one reason i fell in love with our new house but ever since seeing this 2 years ago , I have dreamt of a blue kitchen. The next few months I think will be house related as this blog is a great personal diary and way of documenting our progress.
My favourite things in the kitchen are the orange and yellow plastic containers on the top shelf in the last photo. They belonged to my Grandma (Dads Mum not mormor) and last weekend she gave them to me after one too many hints. They are Danish and she bought them in 1975 when my Mum and Dad lived in Denmark and they went to visit. She has used them every day since 1975. Thats 33 years!! It makes me wonder how many things we have now that we will still be using daily in 33 years time and how much of a throw away society we are. Time to think about that.
Goodnight x

p.s thank you for the lovely comments recently, I am sorry for not taking the time to reply individually, i appreciate you stopping by and hope to catch up soon.


Abigail A. Percy said...

JANET!!! It looks amazing...congratulations :)

..so happy to see and hear that you are in and settled in your beautiful new home! May it bring you many good times...will email more soon,

huge xoxo

Kerry Mosley said...

What an amazing room....pretty much the perfect kitchen. Good wishes for your new home.

jamjar said...

nice to see you back, crumbs 24 moves, that is seriously itchy feet! your kitchen is beautiful, very coastal, really like your clock - where did that come from?

Nathalie said...

Hi Janet
i am so happy you stopped by my blog i am delighted our paths crossed. Let me say your kitchen is amazing and really like your work, i left a reply to your comment in my blog with a few hotels reccomendations i hope they will be useful :)
talk soon

jamjar said...

Hi Janet, I know from your previous posts how much you like Rob Ryans work - have you seen todays (Sat 12th) Independant, good interview on him, and he has the front cover of the suppliment.

julie said...

oh what a beautiful kitchen..congratulations on moving to your new home - wishing you a lovely life there xxx

Lesley said...

That's one gorgeous kitchen you've created! Happy new home to you! :-)

syko kajsa said...

A house of your own! How wonderful! Congratulations! I live in my 17th home, if I counted right, and I think we will move a few times before we get the chance to buy our own house. Next move will be to Helsinki this Summer, I hope!

I wish you many happy moments in the blue kitchen!

Ulla said...

How wonderful for you to have your very own house. I remember the feeling...
I really like the colour in your kitchen and do understand why you got inspired! For a long time I always wanted a kitchen which looked a bit similar - I saw it in "Den Gamle By" in Ã…rhus. It was SO simpel and amazing.

The 2 containers made me smile - I have seen them in my childhood a lot of times - they also come in brown..

Enjoy your new house and beautiful kitchen...

Ciara said...

Ah! I LOVE what I see here! So glad I wandered over (from Nathalie's). Your kitchen is what I've been dreaming mine is!
From one coastal lover to another.

tillyboo said...

Hello, I came across your blog through Google & what a treat.
We have a couple of things in common, such as the fact I am in my 39th house (I think, lost count if I am honest) and I have a cornflower blue kitchen.

I love your kitchen & glad you are settled now.

I love your work, so fresh and clean, Beautiful !


muntylove said...

Absolutely beautiful! I would be very happy to potter about there!