Saturday, March 01, 2008

Computer playing up, but just enough time to tell you I'm off to Devon now until Wednesday.
Its a work trip and leaving poor Sean behind to run the gallery. I have two man show there in a few months so need to do a lot of sketching and planning. A lot of paintings to do.
Above is the latest creation from the wonderful Syko. She is in the middle of making me lots of houses and boats to sell in my gallery, I can't wait to see them.
Have a great weekend everyone, I now have a six hour drive ahead of me. I shall return with some good photos.


de vliegende koe said...

I discovered your blog via Syko’s. I love it. You are very talented and your work is beautiful!!

mansuetude said...

safe travels back and forth.

syko kajsa said...

Your boats will be ready when you return from your trip!

lisa s said...

have a good trip!!!!

Primrose Hill said...


I found you via Nesty - love your blog and your artwork! Have you ever been up to the Pittenweem arts Festival, you would love that I'm sure. We go every year and are never dissapointed.

Hope you had a good trip to Cornwall.

Lisa :)