Thursday, February 15, 2007

London links

These goodies were found and seen in various locations from my two day trip to London. From Collect at the V&A to shopping on the top end of Kings Road it was a feast for the eyes.

Bettina Speckner at Galerie Ra from Collect.

The Spring collection from Noa Noa (I love their styling as much as their clothes)

Hans Van der Weijden ( I think this was at Collect just found the name scribbled in my notebook)

I wish my feet were small enough for these seen at
Couverture, (my second favourite shop in the world).

I am quite a fan of their wallpapers Timorous beasties

and who wouldn't like some of this hand painted wallpaper by Neisha Crosland

I found
Charlotte liddle at Designers guild

Crazy jewels and bags from Joke schole

Malice in Wonderland by
Bethan Lloyd Worthington

and finally, the new collection of fabrics from
Marimekko at Skandium is so fresh!

Tomorrow, if I have time I will do a feature on artists I saw at The spring fair last week at the NEC, if not, Monday, I promise. Bye for now, with Love xx


julie said...

Janet such fantastic fantastic links - we absolutely have the same taste!!! Hans is my man - love his work and Bethan Lloyd!!! and all the rest.. (some i know and love!)
Thanks for such great inspirations - have a lovely weekend xxx

ps. of course youll have time tomorrow ;)

meg said...

ok - i audibly gasped when i saw that bag. thanks for posting such amazing links!

Janet said...

I let out some kind of noise too when I saw it. I just know that the noise I would make when i see the price tag would be a kind of gasp too sadly, thanks for stopping by x