Wednesday, February 21, 2007

computer literate?

Where is the week going? I have so much on. I am preparing envelopes for mail outs and designing comp slips, getting brochures ready for my new limited edition prints which I'm launching next week, hopefully. It's not all about painting! I have had lots of that to do too though. I have six paintings to do for a gallery for next Wednesday. Two are finished so far.

Last, the week before, aaagghhh? I went to the Spring fair in the NEC which is a huge, it took a whole day to just see two halls, the gallery and Greeting cards/stationary. I saw a few new artists and was reminded of some old favourites. I am planning on having a stand at the fair myself next year so it was good research but overall the fair was a bit disappointing. It all seems so dominated by the very big publishers. There is a lot of the same out there.

But these stopped me in my tracks by

My own studio is not dissimilar......

They made me chuckle. The second one reminds me of a story my friend told me recently, he was helping his grandmother order a new washing machine online, they found one she liked the look of so he told her she could pay there and then and it would get delivered to her, she couldn't quite understand that she wouldn't have to go to a shop and see someone face to face but nevertheless she disappeared from the room and came back a few minutes later with a handful of cash. He was puzzled but then fell about laughing when he saw she was bent down and trying to feed the cash into the modem!!!! Well how do they know!?!?

Shirley Hughes reminded me why I love Childrens books.

Some nice new prints from Sasha Harding

After a long chat on the phone that has distracted me for the last hour and a half and now it is midnight, Bye for now xxx


Abigail said...

Ooo...busy busy!!

Shirley Hughes is my idol! - I met her a few times when I was a kid and have a signed picture by her...she is the absolute best.

*love* her work.

..good luck with all your list. Looking forward to seeing the new work! xx

Lesley said...

Crikey you have got a lot to do! Good luck with it. I hope we get to see some of your paintings. :-)

I loved your story about the lady trying to feed money into the modem. Class! I will have to recount that to my other half later. Very funny!

Did you meet Sasha Harding at the fair? She's a fav of mine. She's got an amazing sense of colour, hasn't she.

julie said...

Oh those first two pictures killed true..both of them!
Sounds like lots of great stuff going on with you :) tip would be just to slip it in there somewhere in the middle of it all!!! and ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Janet said...

Abigail - that is amazing, she is 80 this year so we can expect to see a lot more of her. I am tempted to invest in something by her, it nearly brought a tear to my eye the pictures reminded me so much of happy childhood memories.

Lesley- I didn't meet her there no but I met her once before at a show. Did you know that she just uses three paint colours and white. This simplifies her pallete but gives her that distinctive and unique style. x

Julie- I think that is the answer. Try not to plan, it might take years! x

Lesley said...

I didn't know that about her palette. That's genius! No wonder all her colours go together so perfectly. Thanks. x