Wednesday, February 07, 2007

bracing myself

A new painting and a new apron......this painting completes the pair (it is square by the way) and its making its way to Pond galleries in London on Friday.
Yep, i am off to London again on Friday for the weekend, can't wait. We are planning a bit of a tourist trip, no shops!?!? (well maybe just this one) but we are sightseeing, galleries, museums etc instead. This looks like a great exhibition at the V&A so we will definitely be heading there.
and I am sharing Abigails excitement about a new apron, but mine is not nearly as fancy as her lovely one. I really should photograph my previous one. It is a work of art in itself. It can nearly stand up on its own it is so thick with paint.

The UK is on weather alert, as they are expecting a lot of snow tonight. Now normally I would be peeing my pants with excitement by now at this prospect as our garden normally transforms into a winter wonderland when white, but just tomorrow I am crossing my fingers for just a little rather than the six predicted. You see I have a photographer coming a long way tomorrow to take photos of eight paintings. These are for my new collection of limited edition prints which I am so xcited about, so I really need him to be able to get here through the snow. We can't postpone as they are being delivered over the weekend in various locations in London. So please....just this once....just a little.

Off to carry on writing delivery notes, screwing hooks into my canvases!?! and packing. I might see you tomorrow. Happy Thursday all. xx
p.s gosh and thank you so much lovelies for the kind comments about that last painting. It really means a lot! xx


Abigail said...

Your apron is very lovely...I always love the paint splashes on artists aprons...much better than huge gaping acid holes ;))

Oooo...enjoy COLLECT - wish I could see it!!

Btw...this new painting is my favourite yet of yours, it is very beautiful - congrats! The colour palette is dreamy :)

Hope the snow hold off - please send it to me!!!! xx

julie said...

Janet...i agree with Abigail..this is my favourite painting too!! Really beautiful shades of grey..and wish i was coming to that exhibition with you!!
Good luck with the exciting! xx

kelly said...

we have some's blooming chilly + 2 pairs of socks essential : )

hope your photographer gets to you...this latest painting is wonderful janet...i love it + of course your apron too!

keep warm + enjoy london + lovely liberty! x

kat heyes said...

thanks for your support with the book. no snow for us, too close to the coast i guess. the painting is really beautiful. good luck with the exhibition and the snow!