Saturday, January 24, 2009


I'm sitting in the gallery this morning admiring this painting just in by Julia Ogden. It perfectly captures for me the essence of this time of year and also is nicely themed for Valentines day, nudge nudge all you husbands out there.

There are some really tiny pieces by her too. I love the characters in her work. It is something I have never tackled myself so have great repect for those that do. I have often been asked why there are no people in my paintings and I have once or twice experimented. Just recently adding a couple in a boat who commissioned the painting and then someone elses dog sitting on the beach. I was pleased with how they worked out so maybe its something I can work on a little more in the small hours of the night soon, when its just me and baby and my thoughts and a sketchbook beside me.

I still don't quite know how work and baby is going to pan out but I guess I will just take each day as it comes and see what I can squeeze in between feeds.

Thanks to the lovely Lucy this week for featuring one of my cards, which you can buy online now here. And if you are in the States, don't be afraid to ask be for shipping costs, its not going to be a lot!

And finally, another new artist into the gallery is Priscilla Jones, whose textiles pieces are delighting all. Below is one of my faves. You can browse or buy them here.T

So, this evening I am taking my Grandmother for her Christmas present to see Strictly Come dancing Live!!! She has a bit of a crush on Brendon Cole.....ewwwww!

Happy weekend all xx

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smilernpb said...

I love your cards! I will be buying some when I get the awful month of February, with all it's horrible expenses out of the way!