Thursday, January 08, 2009

Happy new year one and all...boy its cold! It looks so beautiful out there. I am especially in love with these images from the amazing Smosch. So inspiring. It has made me determined this year to invest in a good camera and actually read the instruction manual this time. And then get out and experiment. I guess I will be having some time away from work this year so want to try to learn something new. Alongside changing nappies that is.

My other favourite blog of the moment is Saipua, exquisite arrangements and colours. It makes me want to be a florist again. A childhood dream I had before wanting to be an air stewardess, then a hairdresser, then a fashion designer, then a cake decorator. I'm pleased with what I turned out to be and I will be adding the title of Mum in just 11 weeks time.

So I am having a painting frenzy for the next 8 weeks, or for as long as my back can take it and then its feet up time.
The image at the top by the way is a painting by me from 2005, quite different to where its gone of late. I am revisiting this style at the moment, an urge needing to be realised over the next few months when I get some painting time again. I find that time stops me from experimenting enough. Time is money sadly so I am going to embace the next few months and see what comes out!
Bye for now!

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