Sunday, June 08, 2008

I have enjoyed June so far, a little bit of calm was needed. I am enjoying looking and living in the house and making decorating decisions. I am loving eating outdoors nearly every day. I am enjoying the flowers coming to life in a garden we have not ever seen through Summer yet. I am enjoying putting together a new website for the gallery showcasing the wonderful work of the 20 artists and designers I am now selling. So it is calmer but still lots to do. But mostly I am enjoying the cloudless bright blue sky hanging over my head and the peace and quiet today.

Jewellery above by Becky Crow and flower brooch by Abbot and Ellwood


Kerry Mosley said...

oh to be beside the seaside on a cloudless blue sky day!!
Thank you for the link to Becky Crow's work which looks fabulous.

Kelly McClorey said... many good things for june and we're only a week in...long may the list continue for you as the month goes on xxx