Saturday, May 17, 2008

I am happy with this pair titled 'a good day beachcombing'. You can see a well worn easel. I am working on the very last two paintings now for the show which will make 25. A signing session of some exclusive limited edition prints for the show is happening in the morning. We are publishing 7 in total. They will be available only through myself and Baxters gallery. A small edition of 25 of each will be available. More on that soon. I made the most of hubby being away and had a wonderful dinner with an old friend in a pub high up on a hill overlooking the sea last night. Lovely fish stew and berry pavlova. I am especially excited at the moment about going to see the wonderful Feist next Thursday night in the Palace Theatre, Manchester. I will leave you with this that makes me very happy indeed. Actually this one makes me happier, the video is magical, you can't not like it. Bear with it though, it may sound strange at the beginning.


Susan said...

Loving the new painting, the description of dinner on a hill overlooking the sea (actually that made me a wee bit jealous!) and the links to Feist videos.

tillyboo said...

I love this pair, really fab.
And, I am happy now I've heard Feist. 1 2 3 4 always makes me smile.