Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sky high

It is getting there......slowly, the sky has so far been about six different colours and I am still undecided on the dark after looking at yesterdays post where the sky was not yet started and white. There is something missing, something is not quite right! I included this photo mainly for the surroundings for Lesley (not the greatest work spaces) such mess! It has to be a weekend project for me I honestly can't think straight with so much going on around me. Speaking of which, here is my monthly CD stack. I like to listen to the same albums over and over so that I am so familiar that I almost shut off and don't hear it anymore, it is just comforting sound and I can concentrate fully on painting. I could not ever live without music! Talking of which I have been singing Baby its cold outside in my head for weeks now!

Thanks Shari! I loved your version though! xxx


julie said...

Its wonderful to see work progressing and i really like the dark sky..is it still like this?!
Its amazing when you spend time on a painting and when you add a certain colour it suddenly comes to life..
Do i spy morrissey in there?!
ps..you bird is on her way.. xx

Janet said...

The sky is still dark, for the moment. I have all the details to start adding today, I draw into them quite a lot with coloured pencils. I thought the dark sky brought out all the brighter colours in the boats. We shall see what today brings though. Yes that is Morrissey, I'm a bit of a fan of the old stuff. Can't wait to see my bird in the flesh. Have a good day x

Lesley said...

Oooh a photo just for me!!! :-D Thanks for showing me your workspace :-D I think the majority of creative people are messy and live in piles.

The painting looks very dramatic with that dark sky. It's fab to see how it's developing. I often end up going over a colour again and again until I find the right one. Do you ever pick out colour combos when you're going about your daily life to use in your work?