Monday, January 08, 2007

Back to work

It feels good to be back in the studio again properly, even though it is a real mess, I don't have the time to spend a day tidying it, because believe me it will take a day.
I have a commission going on at the moment for a couple who came to see me a few months ago. I am painting four 90x90cm based around Cornwall. The places are special to them and are of Marazion, Newlyn and Penzance. This is the final one which I am hoping to have finished in the next few days. Deciding on compositions has been dificult, the four are being hung together so have to be fairly different but still work as a set. I will show you all four hopefully by the end of the week. Thought you might like to see the process again.

Maybe needs a focal point? I might add a seagull perched on a boat. (Talking of perching I loved
Lisa's post, and use of alliteration) This is just the first layer of paint, the sea needs either a darker or lighter shade over the top, but I will decide on the final colour of the sea when I decide whether the sky is going to be light or dark. To make these decisions about a painting I quite often need to be away from the painting and visualise it with my eyes closed. I have my best ideas when I am lying in bed in the dark, works for me!!!! :)

If anyone is interested I watched a film last night called Russian ark.
Since meeting my fella who makes films, I have learnt to look at films quite differently and really look at how it is made. Just as I would look at a painting or anything else I would look at how it had been constructed but I have never viewed film like this. So anyway, this is an amazing film as it is filmed in one shot! No editing involved at all, The ultimate directors cut. Imagine how difficult that is, 2000 actors getting it right in one 90minute sequence. It looks beautiful too and if you are interested in Russian history or Art it is one to watch.

The lovely Julie helped me out big time last night to finally get a banner put up here. I have been trying to figure it out by myself for weeks now and all it took was a simple email.......or six! Thanks again. I also treated myself today to one of her pieces she has up on Etsy. I can't wait to receive this from her. Lovely work!

Happy rest of Monday to you all xxx


Shari said...

love your new painting. russian ark is such a great film. julie is amazing, isn't she? have a great day janet! cheers, shari

julie said...

Lovely lovely work as usual - really nice colours - look forward to seeing the set all together!
As you are with films, i am with animation and special effects...always trying to see how they did it!!
You are welcome for the help and thank you for being a sweet customer!!!!

Lesley said...

I love seeing all your bowls laid out and your paints. I find it fascinating seeing people's studios. Can't wait to see how your four paintings turn out.

Janet said...

Thank you all you sweet sweet things! I love seeing peoples work spaces too, I think it is because I am just soooooo nosy!!! "Fascinated by other peoples' lives" sounds so much better doesn't it?! x

Lesley said...

Lol... yes I suppose I am very nosey!! :-D But more than that I think there's a magical mystery surrounding the creative process that I just love. I find sketchbooks fascinating too. Have you seen ?