Monday, October 30, 2006

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Back to work today after the most lovely weekend visiting friends.
That Pavillion never fails to impress me. I lived in Brighton for a few years back when i commuted to London each day and one of my flats was pretty much opposite it and at night lit up it is simply stunning.We stayed in Brighton for one night in a swanky hotel and had breakfast in bed, that came in a bento box....different but yummy!

Then we skipped off to Hastings. What a lovely surprise, it was soooo inspirational, I have never been there before but I thoroughly recommend it. The antique and junk shops were amazing and cheap! The small fishermans huts that have been there for hundreds of years and are still used today just blew me away. Can't wait to start painting them. I have decided I would love a boat like the one peeping from behind these huts just to put in my garden and have a little table and chairs up on deck for al fresco dining. I dream. There was a great shop there too called Made in Hastings which is run and sells amazing work by local craftspeople. Some really wonderful work.

So it was back to lots of emails and comments. Thanks to everyone that has left nice comments. It makes it so worth it to keep writing to know people are actually reading and I am discovering lots of new blogs through it. I also had a long awaited piece of artwork from someone special which I will show you tomorrow.

It has suddenly dawned on me that I don't have long at all to get 2 collections together for Christmas exhibitions at Wills art warehouse in London and Sarah Wiseman gallery in Oxford.

They both need images for their brochures by Wednesday morning. I have started one today and am off to work late into the night to finish it. Once they are done I literally have 3 weeks for both collections, aarrrggghhhh!!! It will get them done though, I have no fear of that. I actually love working to tight deadlines. Crazy I know! So off I go indeed, see you all tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Oh....those fishermans huts are amazing..i love their cuteness..and the colourful boat..:)

Anonymous said...

hi janet,
love the seaside photos! breakfast in a bento fun!
cheers, shari