Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hello World

This may be just a big mess because I have spent the last hour trying to work this out. I remember now why I didn't start this blog six months ago. I will not let this beat me! I am not a computer whizz, oh no siree, not at all. However my boyfriend who is beside me is a fantastic website designer. But I can do this on my own. Only because he does not have time to help me. So, yes I wanted to start this 6 months ago when I discovered the whole blogging community. I am now an avid reader of about 20 posts by lots of lovely crafty ladies around the world and every day I am amazed and inspired by the talent that is out there. I am an artist myself, I paint, every day from my studio at home and today I have relaunched my website!!! More of that to come. I studied multi media textiles 9 years ago and still do a bit but its getting messy with paint that I do for a living. Textiles is still my true love but I am afraid that if I veer that way I will not be able to make a living from it, instead I keep it as a sideline and a retreat. But each day I am inspired more to get back to my sewing machine and draw with that needle again. Anyway I hope to give a little back and give you some little tales from the life of an artist. Anyway I think that is enough for today as it will probably take me an age to get it up and running. But I need to say thank you to Abigail/Camilla/Amy and Camilla who encouraged me to just do it. More soon when I figure this thing out. i think i just managed to add a photo, who knows???!!! I did, I am now editing this and hours later I am beginning to figure it out. Thanks Abigail again!!!!
What a sense of achievement.
Over and out


Abigail said...


welcome to blogland!!!! xox

Anonymous said...

Hi Janet..welcome indeed..now youve started theres no going back!!
I look forward to seeing more of your lovely paintings!

Anonymous said...

hi janet,

so glad that you've started a blog! your paintings are lovely. i really enjoy your way of viewing the world.

looking forward to more soon.

cheers! shari

Anonymous said...

dear janet,

i love your website & really enjoyed reading your post #1! (linked to you from abigail's blog)

looking forward to hearing/seeing more soon, well done for navigating blogger for the 1st time, you'll soon be a pro & impress your boyfriend no end ;)

Anonymous said...

welcome! I love your paintings! Looking forward to more posts!

natascha said...

Hi!! Wellcome!! Your art it' s beautiful. I'm looking forward to see more!

Heather Moore said...

I'm also a recent blogger and an illustrator too. I'm looking forward to seeing more on your blog (linked here via Camilla). Just beware - blogging does become a little compulsive. I think of it like one of those Tamagochi things. You have to keep feeding it because... well, it's there!

Dawn Irvine said...

hello janet, i found you last week through abigail's blog, and how happy i was to find your work. you make me want to go to all these places on the english coast. that's something for a scot! and you make me want to paint again.......