Saturday, November 06, 2010

bumpity bump

Well Hello all, or anyone at all?....who knows if anyone still checks into this space anymore.
I wouldn't blame you one little bit. Bloggers are no fun when they're not consistent are they? Well I don't know, it lifts my heart when I suddenly find someone has blogged again after a long absence and I understand that lives have to be lived, people have a LOT going on. I saw a good friend yesterday who reminded me I'd not blogged since June and I had a long think about and decided its about time I share (thanks Ali x)
Well, to explain my long absence, I have been looking after and nurturing a very large belly filled with a very wriggly and blooming baby. Yes, I am 7 1/2 months pregnant and due to give us all a wonderful Christmas present this year.
I have been frightened to write it here for so many reasons but I have come to the conclusion that it is something to rejoice in, celebrate and share with people who I know care a great deal and can send us as many well wishes and thoughts and prayers.

I kept it quiet from as many people as possible until it was so obvious that I hadn't just been indulging on cake and fish and chips all Summer.

The gallery fortunately just goes from strength to strength and was incredibly busy this Summer keeping me focused and occupied. I have one final commission to do pre baby and am starting to wind down.
Its been a rollercoaster of emotions and a long long pregnancy but I can see the end in sight. Fear is my main enemy and positivity the one I need to be best friends with.

We have been looked after and have a plan and I am as confident as any woman can be that I will be holding my beautiful baby by Christmas Day.

It is quite poignant that my due date is exactly 1 year and 9 months after the birth of our little girl last year. We have brought that date forward slightly but still, it seems quite fated to me.

I need and want to celebrate every single kick I get and every last day I have until they arrive.

So for now that's all I feel I can say, I've come out of hiding and feel good about it.

I am just about to go and move Betty Flo (our camper van) to a good spot overlooking the sea where the firework display will take place this evening. We are going to bring flasks of hot chocolate and mulled wine down there so if you happen to be in the vicinity do come and say hello. We can offer you a warm drink. x

Thanks for listening, if you are still there, do leave a comment, just so I know it's worth me popping


Ciara said...

lots of love janet, thinking of you both (and bump) xx

Ulla V. said...

Eventhough you have been away, I have actually thought about you now and then over summer and autumn - wondering how you were doing. I definitely understand why you needed some time off.

And now it's so lovely to hear your "voice" again. :))

I can't tell you how much I appriciate the wonderful news about your Christmas baby.
You really made me have a lump in my throat, when I read how hard it was for you to share that your are a having baby. I'm so happy that you did. :))

Take good care. I send you all my very best thoughts and a hug too. :))

Doda said...

Oh WOw! I do check your blog! I'm so glad you blogged about this. That is lovely to hear your news, and I'll say a prayer for you. I look forward to hearing of more good news in December. Take it easy.

whatkatiedid said...

Oh what a lovely post to read! Enjoy your night out with Betty Flo and welcome back :)

Abigail A. Percy said...

Oh Janet - I am so happy to see this post from you!!

I have been thinking of you often over the last year and this news of your Christmas bump is beyond wonderful...

Push fear away and focus on that wee wriggly babe - I honestly couldn't think of a better present for you two.

Sending you all my love, good thoughts, positive energy and wishes. kisses, oxo

audrey said...

Just a quick hello to send you all the best from Victoria, BC, Canada. It was a nice little surprise to see you in my Google Reader.

Best wishes and congratulations!

kirsty said...

Of course we are still here!
So happy to read your news (I have thought of you often)
Look forward to your next post and wishing the 3 of you all the very best.
Much love from Cornwall xxx

a mermaids purse said...

thats truly wonderful so deserve to hold your baby this christmas- im sure you will be such a wonderful wishes xxxx i can understand why you waited to tell n blog...its lovely news...your blog and art must bring rays of sunshine to alot of you deserve that ray of sunshine and happy future dear blogger ;0)x hope you enjoyed the camper styly fireworks! wonderful x

noelle said...

Wonderful news, happy to see you back, thinking of you all!!! x x x

seemownay said...

I had you in my reader all the time. It is so great to hear the news, I can imagine the turmoil of feelings: happiness, fear ... it makes my heart cringe thinking of all the different feelings.
Looking forward to reading even better new pretty soon!

jane voisin said...

Oh yes please keep blogging! So happy for you. Wonderful news.

Tara said...

I do check your blog too! Such happy news; even though I don't know you I feel so pleased to hear about your baby and also that you're back! I really enjoy your work and would love to visit your gallery one day. Tara :)

Attic24 said...

Well now Janet, how FABULOUS to find you back in your little patch of Blogland, I have sososososososo missed you! You are often in my thoughts (as you know), particularly this last week and I've found myself coming to your blog almost every day to see what's doing, I had a feeling you would be happy you're back yaaaayyyy!

Here's wishing you a joyous run up to christmas+baby time, I was just thinking that this time last yr I was getting veeeeeeeeeeery round myself as Billy was born 5th Jan, so know how you must be feeling....take it easy, take it slow, but my goodness, yes, celebrate what you have going on, it's going to be GREAt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lots of love to you and Seanxxxxxxxx

shirley said...

I am so pleased at your news. Sending you warmest wishes

kirsty said...

Hi Janet, me again! I've just been at open afternoon at my son's primary school - and they're learning about you!! There's a photo of you up on the wall and a little piece about you - and they've done this amazing painting - in the style of Janet Bell! Thought I'd let you know xx

Jakob Forsberg said...

Fantastic with a new blog my cousin. It sounds like everything is good in Beaumaris.
I miss you - looking forward to see you again.
Say hello to Sean & Anna.

Big hug from Jakob xxx

Suz said...

Fabulous news..thinking of you and bump
Hugs Suz x

kelly said...


it fills me with joy to read your post. and many people have been missing you!!

i think of you often. it is so lovely to see your happy face in the photo...there is ooodles of happiness in that bump i know : )

enjoy the last weeks and be sure to enjoy restful cosy times because you are going to be so wonderfully busy very soon. and you are going to make a very beautiful and wonderful mummy!

i'm so glad you put your fears aside to share such a special announcement here with folk who care.

hugs and love to you and s and that wriggly bambino bump of yours! XxX

Julia said...

Still here, and waving 'hello' :)

Janet, that is the nicest news, and so nice of you to share it here. I understand there must be alot of emotion for you but you just stay positive girl!
I want to send you all my love, you are such a brave soul - take lots of good care of your dear self.

Julia x x x

Jacqui Dodds said...

Glad to hear that you are alright and awaiting your Christmas bump.
I do keep checking in from time to time and glad to hear that the gallery is going strong too.
Keep posting!

Angie said...

Wonderful news! I think of you often. A Christmas baby is so sweet! (I was born on the 26th :) !)

Give this little baby a bathing suit or a sun hat one year for their birthday. I always wished for something summery! And birthday parties- I would suggest a 1/2 birthday party- June 25th! Those were always successful and fun for me!

Little Brown Rabbit said...

Janet thats such amazing news!! HUGE congratulations!! xxx

Helen Philipps said...

Oh Janet, I'm so delighted to hear this news of your soon to arrive baby! How wonderful!
The Gallery was looking fantastic when we visited it in the summer, and it's lovely that you can now take a bit of time away from work to enjoy the baby bliss.
Love to you and your hubby too.
Helen x

jill said...

really pleased for you both!

monda-loves said...

hello lovely!
I think of you often and wonder how you are doing. I read your tweets and I'm far far behind on the old blog reading but was so pleased to read of your wonderful news.

Big hugs

Julia Ogden said...

Keep blogging Janet! Lovely post, such a lovely photo of you. All my best wishes to you both and your bump! xxxx

julie said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! Janet, congratulations. im so happy for you. Just you two take care and be well and enjoy.. xxx

Claudia said...

Well Janet, I even pop in regularly from Germany to hear about you. This of course is the very best news and I am sending you my very best wishes. What a wonderful Christmas present - the best ever! Love from me to you

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