Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Two things keeping me very entertained today in between packing my suitcase.

The new Emiliana Torrini album
and this has had me in stitches all morning, clearly too much time on my hands. Try it!


Emma Herian said...

Just come across your blog. Your paintings are so uplifting and inspiring. I would also like to say thankyou, as I was reading back through your posts, I came across your mention of Becky Crow. She is an old friend that I was at uni with and thanks to you I have been able to get back in touch with her. Thankyou!
Em x

krik said...

it was with a sense of anxiety that I opened that link to the yearbook yourself - 'cos I know exactly what you were doing and saw the resulting pics - Thank goodness you did not post those!
Also that first track 'Gun' is amazing. Hope the trip to the land of the sun is great