Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rome Outdoors

Rome was, hot, beautiful, tiring, touristy, dusty, loud, entertaining, green, sun drenched, spectacular and surprising.
The Trevi fountain floored me as did the white baroque architecture against a cloudless blue sky but who can enjoy the Sistine Chapel with 500 hot people in the same room as you?
I had a love hate relationship with Rome, not to be done again in the month of July but we walked and saw and ate and laughed so I loved it for that.


Jill Smith said...

Hi Janet, l love your art and have started doing re- views of my favorite artist blogs and yours was first tonight and l was so glad you said were you have a studio as that was my dream place, it must be a joy working on your art there,

Kelly McClorey said...

oh rome! your photos whisked me back to happy memories there. but the heat. we did the july heat too. and now i'm having a flashback of being stuck on the metro. yes...during rush hour and not understanding the announcement as we stopped mid-tunnel. closing my eyes and thinking calm thoughts! but like you say so much to love. xx

coquet's cache said...

glad you loved alot about your Roman holiday, and thank you for sharing the pics!