Saturday, September 15, 2007

Open Studios

Once again, for the fourth year running, we are having an Open studio exhibition on the weekend of September 22nd/23rd (next weekend), in our garden studio at 41 Hamilton street, Hoole, Chester.
I think you can click the flyer above to enlarge it .
Come along......... you will find myself and Caroline Dangerfield, serving wine, talking about our work and maybe even doing a little painting. There will be brand new never been seen originals, some older works, works on canvas, prints, Limited editions, framed pieces and cards. It is so much fun to do, a lot of hard work but I love it, we meet the best people. It is worth coming just to admire the garden surrounding the studio, a litle private oasis.
So that is what i have been working on recently, last night we attempted to clean the studio, ready for the public, several spiders later and it looks fairly presentable. We have 1000 flyers to distribute locally this week, so thats my evenings sorted. So I will probably just be posting new works and not many words this week.
Bye for now xx

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yumptatious said...

If only I wasn't so far away...:-(
I hope it goes fantastically well and that you sell bundles of work (whilst sharing wine with some fascinating and warm people)