Thursday, August 23, 2007

Flower heaven

'Inspired by hydrangeas'.......I was...........

................ so I painted this. This months Country living had a beautiful article on Hydrangeas. The jewel like colours got me very excited indeed. I might take a little trip to our local garden centre tomorrow to see the colours they have. Very busy painting for Baxters gallery in Devon still. This with two more went today, more to follow. My two favourite magazines these days are Coast and Country Living. the pictures inspire me no end. We are househunting at the moment, looking and dreaming of that Seaview! Back to painting Dartmouth!


julie said...

My favourite flower!!!!!
I bought country living for the first time and fell in love!!
Your painting is gorgeous!

Good luck with the house hunting xxx

Barry John Scott said...

Dear Janet,

As you have named ceramics as one of your interests on your blog, you might like to visit by website and/or my tutorial blog:


Barry John Scott

lisa s said...

so so so good!!!!!!!

[your print is on it's way.... xo]

Lesley said...

I oohed and ahhed over that article too. I love how you used it for inspiration. We have a lovely pinky lilac coloured hydrangea which we inherited with the garden. The flowers look lovely in a jug on the windowsill. I think it's my favourite flower now too!

Good luck with your househunting. Are you off to live by the sea?

syko kajsa said...

So very beautiful! I have a hydrangea that I'm very proud of, I got it cheap at the food market and manged to save it. It's blooming again :) I should (I will) send you an issue of the Swedish magazine Lantliv (Country life), I know you would love it. It's my favourite mag.

kat heyes said...

glad you've been putting the book to good use. lovely new painting. looks like things are going well with the new gallery. feel a bit of a con artist buying country living, can't wait to live in the country!

good luck house hunting - seaview and countryside imagine that!

kelly said...

hi janet!

ooo c. living is dreamy : ) coast even more so! i get a coast fix when i visit mum + dad in there this w'end. how i'd love to live by the sea all year round. where are you hoping to move? i bet you one day your house will be in one of those mags!

your painting is lovely. i can see how the photo story inspired you. hydrangeas have the most sublime colourings. hope you got a real one for your garden!

glad you're busy with painting...keep up the good work mrs! have a fab w'end xxx

Felicia said...

Hydrangeas are my favorites. Your painting is beautiful.