Monday, July 23, 2007

What weather!

More lovely pattern and colour from Alhambra. Our necks hurt from gazing up at that ceiling for a long time. Crazily reminded me of egg boxes!

Some areas in the UK are really seriously flooding, Poor Gloucestershire! It hasn't stopped raining here for days. I have been enjoying watching the everchanging skies. I love the array of colours, so many shades of grey. Bu this weather really is making people miserable. We have been really looking forward to today. As a surprise wedding gift to Sean I booked us a hot air balloon flight that actually goes over our house. It was meant to be this evening but alas when we phoned up at lunchtime, surprise surprise it was cancelled! So we have to rebook but with the weather as it is I think we will be safer waiting several weeks. Very disappointed.

I read today about The Couple by Sean Henry, I would like to go up and see that when it is completed later this month. I love it when people go crazy on scale.I reckon it will be amazing!

I found a lovely new blog Freds blog.......a man! How refreshing! A man who appreciates Cath Kidston and colour and makes fairy cakes and everything, who'd have thought it eh! And I bet he can put up shelves too!!!
Until tomorrow xx

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kelly said...

oh janet...what are we going to do with this rotten weather?! lovely to see your post tonight + think of warm places : ) those patterns really are wonderful. sorry you missed out on your balloon trip. maybe we'll get a hot autumn this year?! fred is fab by the way! x