Thursday, March 01, 2007

Blue harbour

The Affordable art fair in London is fast aproaching! I will be there represented by Pond gallery, London. It is on 15-18 March in Battersea Park, London. It is a great show with over 125 galleries from across the world exhibiting, each representing several artists.

If anyone would like to go please let me know. I have unlimited tickets that are free for two people on the Friday and half price on Saturday or Sunday. It is an inspirational visit and you may even pick yourself up a piece of art as everything is priced between £30 and £3,000.

Just leave me a comment with your email address and I will sort you out with some tickets.

Happy Thursday folks! xx

p.s Oh and I have to once again share with you the crazy mesmerizing world of Joke Schole. This website makes me want to learn Dutch!!


julie said...

i would love to come..can you arrange transport too from tel aviv? Sounds fantastic - hope you enjoy it and do well.
Love todays pic - makes me think of winter! xx

lisa s said...

i wish i could come too!! :)
i wanted to go to the AAF in new york too... sigh...

have fun!

Janet said...

Oh how I wish you could both come too, what a lovely arty soiree! Shopping and lunch too, dreaming! x

Lesley said...

Lovely painting. Have fun at the fair! I hope it's really sucessful for you x